Feb 11, 2007

Can Candles produce Electric Power?

It seams to be a magic. How can candles produce power which is capable of lighting a bulb and can run a motor?

It requires 2 candles and 2 temporary magnets to produce power. Look at the video of a person demonstrating it. I have no idea whether it works or not. If any one has tried it and know the science behind it, place your experience in comments.


Anonymous said...

Bullshit. I want to see the wires in full camera view. I assume the loop of wire was hooked up to a power source just off camera.

Infamous said...

He shows them near the end of the video when he's running the electric motor.

Josh said...

Well, I know how it was done. Someone sort of had it, however not completely.

For the light, this involved two people. The wires he used were never shown to be connected to each other. They are infact two different wires, the ones connecting to the lightbulb have a powersource of some kind.

For the motor, it never turns on at all. He just uses a sound clip. If you look very closely the motor isn't spinning.

It is a moderately-well done fake.

Anonymous said...

Notice how he switches the device on everytime it starts....eachtime b4 the device goes on one of his hands does somethin underneath the table...and he also did it alone.

Anonymous said...

Ok well first of all there is no way a candle lit or unlit that can produce electric. Also if you watch his hands closly one gose under the table as he lights the last candle. Also his hand gose back under the table when he blows the candles out. Aother thing is when he lights the last candle to on the light bulb the light turns on befor the candle is even lit.

Anonymous said...

the ropes where not shown. he them only at the end of the experiment.i tried it my self and it didn't work

Anonymous said...

at each time he lights the second candle he get's one of his hands under the table and the ropes are hiden .for the motor he does the same thing and after showing the ropes it continues b-c where it is placed there are cells under

Anonymous said...

How it works

1. With a lit candle you get a convection current. Warmer air is less
dense than cooler air so the warmer air rises and cooler air moves up
from below to replace it. This causes air to move past the nails.

2. There are ions in the air. As the air moves past the magnetically
charged nails positive ions are drawn to one nail and negative ions are
drawn to the other nail.

3. As the ions move near their respective nails they use the connecting
wire (with the bulb in the middle) to become electrically neutral.

4. When the electrons pass through the bulb it lights up.

Anonymous said...

Nice explanation. Electrons is the definition of electicity, however if there was any substance to your explanation the electons (not ions) would be moving the same direction (following the heat) and thus not resulting in flow.

Matt said...

I would assume it has something to do with Faraday's law. Google it you will find that a mganetic field induces an electric current in a conductor.

Anonymous said...

The camera shot is cut when he is doing the magnet thing. During those cuts, they rigged powered leads to the nails in the candles through holes in the table. Then, the assistant simply sitches the pwer on or off as required while he plays with the lighter. The motor does actually seem to run, as you see it kick a little from the starting torque.

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